Motel for sale - 44 room motel for sale - can grow to69 rooms - Jindabyne NSW Australia -snowy mountains

This motel is a unique opportunity for further development, and has a non -expiring development approval DA & BA approved for 69 rooms in total, and has at present 43guest rooms, a 3 bedroom top floor apartment for you, large dining room / log fire / games area, commercial kitchen, 2 spare rooms.

Of the 44 rooms there are  18 Deluxe rooms with a spa bath in each,  14 deluxe rooms brand new with shower,and 11 standard budget rooms,  plus there is room for a  Tennis Court (its in the development approval) .

Views from the motel are spectacular, with a large number of guest rooms looking out over LAKE JINDABYNE

So New total can be 69 rooms, with another 24 that can be built using , unexpiring, plan approval.. (no time limit to build.)

This business has an existing, growing client base, and is well positioned to capitalise on future growth in the Alpine area. Summer is now starting to show signs of interest, as opposed to the traditional winter only types of operation.  This has enormous growth potential. Should bring in industry rates of approx $25-30,000 per room. Total area of land   approx 6,000 sq. metres.

Full training will be given to successful buyer, to boost year round sales to $25-30K per room per year.

To get excited about this opportunity to buy this motel for sale , call 0438 367887 would be first priority.    Sale outright $4.2m  firm. Will consider finance on 1.6 m deposit on outright purchase.  Can be strata titled and sell off two bedroom units for around $240,000 individual motel units for $125,000 each , plus the managers apartment and management rights  upon completion of project.  Say just over $8 m as a develpoment project

Lease : There is currently a tenant in place. .

Present owner has been there for 28 years, and has recently developed the overall strategy and planning, with a firm of architects.  Time to retire and hand over to someone to take this business to the next level, as planned - and give someone else this great growth opportunity.

For further information, and to view architectural plans, plus existing motel, contact details are below

So this motel opportunity can either be

1. run / marketed.. with current leasee.. or....

2. developed to either complete the Motel project to 69 rooms as planned, and run it as a larger motel.(Then you could put it under management or lease it out to someone else)

Late news : it is curretly leased, and the lease has an option on February 16th 2017.

3. develop the Motel, to convert to self contained units, strata title those, and manage them or sell them..


Details Call number Below

0438 367887

Mention buy motel.